PHP Programmer/Architect

May 3, 2019

Link One is currently seeking PHP Programmers with experience in PHP/MySQL Architecture for a twelve month plus contract with our Client in Sacramento. Qualifications and requirements include: 


1) Four (4) years’ professional object-oriented PHP and MySQL development experience.

California Air Resources Board RFO No. 18OIS012 Page 12 of 59

2) Three (3) years’ expert-level Drupal Frontend development experience using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, two (2) years of which in Drupal 8.

3) Three (3) years’ experience building Drupal sites, content types, taxonomy navigation, and rules, two (2) years of which in Drupal 8.


4) Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, similar certification (Offeror must include degree and certifications in the Offeror’s response.)

5) Three (3) years’ Drupal Backend development experience using PHP, MySQL (or similar database language).

6) Two (2) years’ Drupal 8 module development.

7) Three (3) years’ developing modern user interface designs with Twitter Bootstrap.

8) Three (3) years’ experience in Drupal-related system administration.

9) Experience customizing and localizing content elements for at least two (2) large Web CMS websites with more than one language. (Must provide details of the websites as well as how the work was performed.)

10) Three (3) years’ experience resolving cross-browser and cross platform issues and applying Web Application Security principles noted in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Prior experience leading tasks, including providing Task Accomplishment Plans, Monthly Status Reports. These tasks include the following:

1.1. Prepare/update Task Accomplishment Plan (TAP). The TAP will document the planned monthly expenditures under this SOW. CLIENT requires the Contractor to use the template provided in EXHIBIT A-2, TASK ACCOMPLISHMENT PLAN TEMPLATE. The initial TAP will be delivered in accordance with TABLE 1 – DELIVERABLES. The TAP will be reviewed and approved for accuracy, completeness, and appropriateness of the planned expenditures. The TAP will be revised and resubmitted to CLIENT as requested by the CLIENT Contract Manager, or designee.

1.2. Prepare Monthly Status Reports (MSR). Contractor shall develop and submit a monthly electronic progress report of tasks completed. CLIENT requires the Contractor to use the template provided in EXHIBIT A-3, MONTHLY STATUS REPORT TEMPLATE. Please refer to SECTION E, DELIVERABLE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA AND OTHER REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, for more information. The MSR, at a minimum, shall be submitted with the monthly invoices; CLIENT’s Project Manager may also require this document be submitted more frequently, as needed.

1.3. Produce a weekly status report (WSR) inclusive of the items outlined below:

1.3.1. Completed, in-progress, and remaining tasks and deliverables;

1.3.2. Developed and tested application features, modules and components;

1.3.3. Reported, fixed, and outstanding defects;

1.3.4. Impediments or risks to successful and timely completion of the development or maintenance effort; and

1.3.5. Issues and Risks associated with the work.

Task 2 – Application Security Development and Maintenance

The Contractor shall assist in the architecting, coding and testing enhancements to existing applications and/or new applications. At a minimum the Contractor will:

2.1. Analyze CLIENT’s existing PHP applications for needed security repairs and enhancements.

2.2. Recommend design solutions and communicate design risks and development time.

2.3. Code security repairs to prevent SQL injection, cross site scripting and other vulnerabilities.

2.4. Code enhancements to PHP applications as requested.

2.5. Test code performance, functionality, integration, and security. Fix bugs.

2.6. Support CLIENT User Acceptance Testing. Fix user reported defects; re-deliver and re-test all defect repairs.

2.7. Demonstrate developing work to project team, management, and internal customers as requested.

2.8. Lead or participate in code reviews with CLIENT co-developers and management.

2.9. Participate in weekly customer meetings to gather requirements and discuss development status

2.10. Identify, evaluate, and report project issues and risks to CLIENT Unit and Section management in a timely manner

2.11. Recommend project risk mitigation strategies and solutions to application design or code problems

2.12. Interact assertively, respectfully, and cooperatively in team meetings and with management

2.13. Abide by CLIENT’s Codes of Conduct and OIS’ Business Practices.

California Air Resources Board RFO No. 18OIS012 Page 17 of 59

Task 3 – Code and Documentation

The Contractor shall:

3.1. Check code in and out of GitHub, Subversion, or Team Foundation Server (TFS);

3.2. Coordinate code check-ins and deployments with development team;

3.3. Use SharePoint, Brightwork, or TFS to manage project documents; and

3.4. Write grammatically correct emails and business documentation in English.

Task 4 – Website Design & Development

The Contractor shall develop new custom content in Drupal 8 as requested and aligned with CLIENT requirements. The Contractor shall:

4.1. Collaborate with CLIENT’s Communication Office staff and Program subject matter experts (SMEs) in the analysis and design of CLIENT’s evolving Drupal 8-based public website.

4.2. Recommend solutions that implement new features, workflows, and functional requirements while maintaining the site’s global look and feel.

4.3. Mockup content type designs and upon approval, develop content types in compliance with accessibility standards (Assembly Bill 434).

4.4. Integrate custom content types into public website.

4.5. Recommend and integrate Drupal 8 modules. Extend module if needed.

4.6. Collaborate with CLIENT staff on contributed modules and themes, and Recommend new modules and extend module (if capable).

Task 5 – WCMS and Website Support

5.1. The Contractor shall provide daily web support to CLIENT staff as requested. Engage with CLIENT staff and SMEs to provide web deployment and production support daily as requested. Troubleshoot and fix bugs.

5.2. Advise CLIENT staff to ensure WCMS environments are secure and adhere to CLIENT IT security practices.

5.3. Perform other Drupal web support tasks as requested commensurate with the Contractor’s knowledge.

Task 6 – Knowledge Transfer

The Contractor shall deliver specific technology and application knowledge to CLIENT staff via appropriate training and mentoring sessions and materials as requested by CLIENT. This task includes but is not limited to the following:

6.1 Document an organized, training and documentation approach that conveys technical aspects of Contractor’s work during engagement.

6.2 Mentor CLIENT staff in Drupal and application practices and throughout contracted engagement.

6.3 Deliver final formal documented Knowledge Transfer at end of engagement. This must include adequate material, detail, and question and answer periods sufficient to ensure knowledge transfer from the Contractor to CLIENT technical staff.

If qualified and interested, please rush your resume to joewalker for consideration. Please, no third party vendors!

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