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About Us


Link One offers computer consultant and technical staffing services to clients in a wide variety of industries. With two decades of experience in successfully assisting both private sectors and Government Agencies, Link One meets demands for excellence in streamlining business support processes and meeting client demands for staff augmentation.  Through a team approach to linking talent and businesses together, Link One has found a niche in boosting efficiency of clients who set the bar high in terms of excellence.

From requirements for the newest technologies in Cloud-Based Development to the continued need for large-scale Mainframe Maintenance; from Enhancement Services to demands for Software Quality Management; from Programming/Analysis to Web Design, Link One offers solutions to clients needing additional computer consultant expertise.  Our history in supporting full life-cycle development projects benefits businesses needing highly skilled, talented professionals.   

Link One consultants come with qualifications and skills in application development, project management, enterprise architecture, business and systems analysis, database administration/data warehousing, technical writing, as well as network infrastructure support from industries including those in both government and private sectors.

Here's to the Future!

While meeting the changing needs of business for exceptional professional services for many years, it's amazing to see the progress of technologies which help match  expertise and talent to both private sectors and government agencies.  Where will we be in ten years?  Through the power of cloud computing and social networks, the game of business keeps evolving, and it's exciting to anticipate the coming technologies.   The ever-evolving need for technical skills, as well as communication strengths, will only increase, but those sometimes elusive "soft skills"- ones of personality, attitude, drive, and hard work- will always be at the forefront of key attributes when building fantastic teams.    Helping companies effect business goals and initiatives through the placements of consultants, executives, as well as temporary and permanent staff, will always be rewarding, and providing the successful link between talented, skilled professionals and businesses to tackle challenging projects makes every effort worthwhile!

I wish all the best to those of you who take the lead and make every effort to set the bar high. - Joe Walker, Founder/Principal

O: 916-486-8576 x21 

M: 916-806-2002

F : 800-237-1469

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